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Contextual links are commonly found embedded in articles on news sites, Wikipedia pages and on a large number of pages that have been optimized for search engines. They are used to reference additional information about a topic or a keyword phrase.

Contextual advertising and links

Contextual advertising

The web banner on the immediate left is a mock-up example of an advertisement placed in a specific context; In this case this very article. If say, this post was about diving masks, the advert could be for a brand of diving masks. Or if the subject matter was a about a location the ad could be from local dive operators. The banner shown on the left is a 160 x 600 pixels 'wide skyscraper' skyscraper.

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House rules

Acceptance of links is at the discretion of the editors at any given time. X-Ray Mag only accepts links of relevance to our niche and from quality sites.

Good contextual links are directly related to the theme of an article.