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Kelly Quinn Portfolio

American artist and educator Kelly Quinn creates vivid, dynamic paintings of marine life and reefs with brilliant color in detailed compositions. She is currently the artist-in-residence at The Florida Aquarium in Tampa, where she gives younger generations insights into the planet’s fragile marine ecosystems.

Kim & Kay Vaudin Portfolio

Mewstone Ledges by Kim Vaudin, acrylic on canvas, 23 x 16 inches

Mother-and-daughter team, Kay and Kim Vaudin, who are both divers and fine artists, often work together on canvases at their studio, Deep Impressions in the United Kingdom, to capture the dynamic effervescence and minute details of marine life as well as the sublime light and delicate ecosystems of the underwater world. X-Ray Mag interviewed Kim Vaudin to learn more about their artwork and their perspectives.

Jens Umbach Portfolio

German artist and illustrator Jens Umbach creates surreal paintings of marine life floating in pastoral landscapes and deep-sea creatures in otherworldly seascapes with underwater moons. With a new children’s book soon to be published, X-Ray Mag interviewed the artist to learn more about what inspires his fantastical and imaginative imagery.

Gerry Miles Portfolio

British artist Gerry Miles paints marine life and reef scenes in brilliant color and dynamic compositions, often with abstract backgrounds that capture the thrilling vitality and sublime ambience of the underwater world.

X-Ray Mag interviewed the artist to find out more about his artwork and perspectives.

Jude Cowell Portfolio

Welcome to the dreamy underwater world of American artist, Jude Cowell, who creates fantastic botanically drawn fish portraits to inspire the imagination. Her blending of “the real with the visionary” results in artwork that immediately takes one to the magical deep. Just eyeing one of these velvety beauties, one can almost feel the current brushing through one’s hair.

Kendahl Jan Jubb Portfolio

American watercolorist, Kendahl Jan Jubb, creates brilliant, colorful works of underwater life. Originally from southern California, she was raised in the Mid-West and studied at an early age with noted St. Louis impressionist, Victor Harles. After a move to Montana in 1978 to study forestry, she changed her focus to art in her first year at the University of Montana.

Masayo Fukuda Portfolio

Artist Masayo Fukuda of Tokyo is a master of kirie, the Japanese art of paper cutting. Her beautiful, delicate creations and intricate designs of marine life, cut by hand from a single sheet of paper, have been exhibited in Tokyo, Osaka and Paris, and featured in print, television and social media. <i>X-Ray Mag</i> interviewed the artist to learn more about her artwork and her creative process.

Mira Nedyalkova Portfolio

Digital collage from the Element Like Deity series by Mira Nedyalkova

Mira Nedyalkova is a Bulgarian artist and photographer based in Sofia who creates stunning, sensual, surreal and evocative imagery by approaching photography and the element of water with the touch of a painter.

X-Ray Mag interviewed the artist to gain insight into her thought-provoking art and her creative process.