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Geographic Distribution

February 21, 2011 - 15:12
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Since its inception in 2003, X-Ray Mag has picked up a loyal following across the planet.

While X-Ray Mag is probably not the primary dive media in any single territory, our publication is, in most places, the second go-to magazine—the preferred supplement to the national title, one might say—in so many territories worldwide that our combined circulation, in all likelihood, surpasses that of any other dive periodical on the planet.

Data has been compiled from a number of sources and correlated to weed out outliers;
  • Serverlogs.
  • AWStats.
  • Google Analytics.
  • User information submitted to our newsletter subscription list.
  • Surveys and interviews done on website ( Zoomerang ) and surveys done at expos.
Some data has to been extrapolated and estimated. For example, there a fraction of visitors will register as 'unknown' in our serverlogs or as .com, .org (ect) with no specific origin.

Also not all subscribers have disclosed their geographical location.

In these cases we have assumed that the part of the visitors and readers we did have data from were representative for the whole lot.
Lumped together in more meaningful regions, the numbers roughly break down in the following distribution:

50% – North America (USA and Canada); 35% – Europe, predominantly Northern Europe; 10% – Asia-Pacific, predominantly Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines; 5% – Various other countries

Our combined circulation, in all likelihood, surpasses that of any other dive periodical on the planet.


The demographics can change quite dynamically in time and frequently exhibit patterns we cannot quite explain, other than to say that viral marketing often works in weird and wondrous ways.

For example, we have never actively marketed our media in the Philippines, Italy, Portugal, Greece or Brazil. Nor have we exhibited at expos or worked with partners in any of these territories. Yet, we have obviously picked up quite a huge and loyal following in these countries.

Visitors by country

The 25 most frequent territories, as measured over in the first quarter (Q3) 2016 – updated on 4 September 2017.
United States 45.4 %
United Kingdom 7.7%
Canada 3.7%
Germany 3.0%
Australia 2.6%
France 2.3%
Denmark 2.1%
Italy 2.0%
Russia 1.8%
Sweden 1.5%
India 1.4%
Netherlands 1.3%
Spain 1.3%
Poland 1.2%
Singapore 1.2%
Philippines 1.2%
Portugal 0.9%
Indonesia 0.8%
Malaysia 0.8%
Switzerland 0.8%
Brazil 0.8%
Belgium 0.8%
Greece 0.7%
Austria 0.7%
Finland 0.7%
South Korea 0.6%
Hong Kong 0.6%

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