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Personal Safety at Sea: Communicating with the Dive Boat

The Iridium Extreme lets one send an SMS text message, at set time intervals, with exact location coordinates to anyone, from anywhere on the planet. Photo courtesy of the manufacturer.

One of the things close to everyone’s thoughts is diver safety. We spend good money on quality dive gear and prudently have it frequently serviced and maintained, as this equipment will be sustaining our lives while underwater. But what about when we are on the surface? Just how many of us really do think about getting lost at sea?

Scubapro Galileo G2

The Galileo has now had a revamp with the launch of the G2. Certain key features introduced by In 2007, Scubapro released a ground-breaking new design with its Galileo dive computers - incorporating a heart rate monitor (via a separate chest belt) to increase the personalisation of decompression algorithms for different divers.

Suunto Turns 80 – It Started with a Compass

Suunto is like Kellogg’s cornflakes to me—a brand that has been with me, like, forever. Well, perhaps not quite that long, but at least since my early diving days, now obscured in the fog of memory. Several decades down the line, I am now on my fourth instrument. Not that I have actually worn out any of them; they have all been good and reliable companions.