Marine Insects

Female common bluetail damselfly. Taken in Swifts Creek, Victoria

When we think of the animals of the oceans our first thoughts are generally of whales, sharks, dolphins, tuna fish, and perhaps octopusses. All these have been in the news lately, also in this magazine, for reasons regarding their behaviour or exploitation. These are large animals, and like the lesser food fishes such as salmon and herring, we have many reasons for our interest in them.

The loudest penis is that of a tiny European species of aquatic freshwater insect.

Water Insect Sets Noise Record With 'Singing Penis'

In a recent study published in the journal PLoS One, French and Scottish scientists have discovered that the 2mm long water boatman Micronecta scholtzi make the loudest sounds of any animal on earth relative to its body size. Although the sperm whale may be louder in sheer terms of decibels, when compared to size, the water boatman has all other animals beat.