Weezle Russian Hat

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Weezle Russian Hat

April 14, 2018 - 15:53
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"Please Sir. Can you make me a Russian hat?"

Brit manufacturer Weezle often receive bespoke orders from their customers for specific items of protective clothing. So when a German client asked Weezle if it was possible to have a Russian hat, the manufacturer set to work. The result is a warm winter hat that pays homage to the traditional headgear.

The hat is lined with TS1 - a hydrophobic wicking fibre layer - that Weezle use in their Extreme Plus undersuit to provide warmth. The outer shell is Paratex.This is designed to be shower proof, ie stop moisture getting to the user. If the hat ends up getting very wet, Weezle state this should not be a problem because it still works.

Weezle have ensured that this hat is machine washable, just like all of their products. Once washed, you can pull it out of the machine and put it straight on because it is hydrophobic, so pretty much dry.

Top tip. To stop the leather (or hessian) chin laces getting caught in the washing machine drum, Weezle have added two strategic toggles that allows you to remove and replace the laces.

Weezle state this is a hard wearing, warm hat that will complete your Weezle ensemble. It comes in a net bag, in six colours and one size fits all.

Key Features

  • One size
  • Six colours: Black, Blue, Reg, Drab Olive, High Viz Yellow, DPM
  • Machine washable
  • Weight 112 g / 3.9 oz
  • Removable leather laces
  • Vegan friendly: hessian ties available upon request

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