Reviewing Equipment

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Reviewing Equipment

Sun, 13/08/2017 - 13:03
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Criteria for reviewing and testing dive equipment in X-Ray Mag. Topics to consider.

Design criteria

Not all equipment are created equal but for different purposes and users. Consider the two iconic German cars below.

Which one is the best, which one is the better design?

The Mercedes with its advanced technology, high performance and superior handling? Or the rugged and uncomplicated VW Beetle of which more that 21 million were sold and is the longest-running and most-manufactured car ever made?

Of course, it doesn't make much sense to compare, they are each successful in fulfilling each their intended design criteria. The same consideration goes for diving equipment so first question to answer is: Who is the gear intended for and how well does it do its job?


Are the buttons easy to operate? Can you operate it with gloves on? is the display easy to read? Are instrument menus logical?

Build quality

Does it feel solid or flimsy? What are the materials used and are they suitable for the purpose? Tolerance and machining: How are the parts coming together, are there any gaps or does it all fit precisely?


Are chargers or batteries required? Special cables or tools?


Can the user perform any kind of maintenance or does it need to go in for service?

Manual and instructions

Is the manual logical and well laid out?

Value for money

Is this a good buy and for who?


How long is the warranty and which parts are covered?