Introducing GearLog - a 100% free web app that manages equipment for scuba diving

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Submitted by Matthew Meier on 7 May, 2019 - 20:31

Press Release

Now you can track your scuba gear and record inspections & servicing for free with GearLog.

[Wiltshire, UK, 06/05/2019] – GearLog is a powerful, flexible, easy to use, completely free system for managing equipment in safety critical sports. This month GearLog introduced scuba diving into the sports they support. GearLog allows scuba divers (individuals, clubs, instructors and dive companies) to store the full inventory of their equipment and to setup inspection and service schedules. GearLog alerts when it’s time to inspect or service equipment and stores the results of those checks. GearLog allows users to produce audit reports for compliance checks and share the equipment log with other staff and club members to distribute the workload.

“GearLog has built a great reputation in supporting climbers, mountaineering clubs, rescue teams and outdoors companies” says Kit Kline, founder of GearLog. “So, we are very excited to launch support for scuba diving. We’ve worked with a number of divers and dive organisations across the US, UK and Australia to understand your needs and get GearLog just right for you”

One of GearLog’s greatest strengths is a highly engaged and supportive user base who are always coming up with suggestions for enhancements and new ideas. Thus, GearLog is always evolving and improving.

“We love to hear from our users and get a real buzz from our ability to rapidly respond to your ideas” says Kit. “So, sign up for free and get involved. It is through community involvement that we have built, and continue to build, a world class product.”

GearLog runs in the cloud so it is accessible from any modern device (laptop, phone, tablet) anywhere in the world with internet access. Users’ data is stored within a UK data center that meets the highest requirements for data protection and security and is continuously backed up. So, you can rely on us like you rely on your gear!

• GearLog is a powerful and easy to use system for managing scuba gear, tracking inspections and recording service history.
• GearLog is completely free for everyone (individuals, clubs, instructors and companies) and will remain so for ever.
• GearLog is the only fully comprehensive, completely free system for managing equipment in a variety of safety critical sports such as climbing, mountaineering, scuba, caving and paddling.
• Signup for free at

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