Dykmässan - The Swedish dive show

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Swedish Dive Show is a gathering place for freedivers, scuba divers and sport divers—and anyone who likes to be in, and under, water. Diving trips are a big part of the range at the show.

At Swedish Dive Show, general agents and stores will display most of their merchandise. We're also going to hold a photo contest, for both still photography and video.

Saturday, 22 August, 2020 (All day) to Sunday, 23 August, 2020 (All day)
Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden
Nacka Strandmässan

We have a popular children's corner to amuse the little ones. We're going to have workshops throughout the day, and a large diving tank that shows UV polo. In the diving tank, visitors will be able to test dive. There will be skilled instructors who can show you how a diver uses sign language.

At the Swedish Dive Show, there will be clubs, museums, institutions, associations, historians, and many others. Photos and videos will be displayed.

Classy venue

The Swedish Dive Expo is held at the Eriksberghallen venue. Its location overlooks the port of Gothenburg. You can go by boat, from the city. We are welcoming tourist boards, dive centers and others from the whole world. Promote your products together with companies from, Denmark, Egypt, Malta, The Caribbean, UK, Finland, USA, Norway, Sweden and other countries. There will be seminars, travel agents, photo companies etc.

Here, we will provide information about everything that makes your visit worthwhile:

  • Recreational Diving
  • Snorkeling / Scuba diving / Technical Diving
  • Commercial Diving
  • Emergency Services / Police / Fire Service, Military Diving, Offshore Diving, Civil Diving, diving instructors and diving guides).

Diving history

Museums and Swedish Diving History Association (Svensk Dykhistorisk Förening)

Four themes (for snorkeling, scuba diving and technical diving):

-  Tropical vacation diving (snorkeling and "real" diving, most coral reefs and fish, but wreck diving also occurs)

-  Baltic Sea Diving (Wreck diving on well preserved sunken ships)

-  West Coast Diving (mostly nature diving, but wreck diving also occurs)

-  Inland Diving (lakes and water-filled limestone quarries, mines, etc. Even wreck diving in large lakes, such as Vättern.)

X-Ray Mag is an exhibitor

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