Cressi Newton Dive Watch Computer

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Cressi Newton Dive Watch Computer

April 27, 2015 - 15:06
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Cressi launched their computer dive watch – the Newton – at DEMA.2014.

Cressi Newton Dive Watch Computer

This recreational watch computer can be dived with standard air (21%), nitrox (up to 99% with a 1.2 to 1.6 oxygen partial pressure range), or as a gauge / timer.

Cressi collaborated with Bruce Wienke to create the dual-mixture Cressi RGBM algorithm. This algorithm is based on the Haldanian model and allows the diver to gas switch mid-dive between two different hyper-oxygenated mixes. There is growing research data that indicates deep stops might not be the optimal way to decompress. It is therefore useful that Cressi has designed in choice for the diver - the deep stop function can be turned on or off.

The 150 metre / 490 feet depth rated Newton is encased in stainless steel and ABS and has a mineral glass face. According to Cressi this makes their watch computer more resilient to impact and accidental damage.

The display itself has oversized digits. The low profile (14mm / .5' high) Newton also has an alarm clock and stopwatch function. It is available in four colour options: black-grey, black-white, black-pink and black-blue.

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