Call for Presentations for the 2019 OWU Chicago Dive & Travel Show

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Submitted by Main Minion on 21 September, 2018 - 11:14
I hope you are doing well and that you are having a great dive season.  
I am writing you today regarding the Chicago Our World Underwater Dive and Travel Show.  Though it is only the start of summer we must begin work on presentations for the Chicago dive show.   I've alway felt that it was the presenters that made the show a success.  The film festivals and seminars for both 2018 shows were well received.  I also must give my compliments to my friends Jim & Pat Stayer for their tireless work on making the film festivals such a success.  
So this is the official Call for Presentations for the 2019 OWU Chicago Dive & Travel Show.  Everyone who wants to present must complete and return to me a Call for Presentations.  Even Adam Ravetch our 2019 Our World Underwater Outstanding Achievement Award Winner must complete the forms.
You can download pdf versions of the calls for presentations here:
I am looking forward to receiving your calls.  Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think should be presenting at our shows.   The Chicago show will again be held at the Chicago Marriott O'Hare.
I know some of you may be wondering about the Lone Star State Dive & Travel Show that we have been running in Frisco, Texas.  The hotel location though pretty was just too expensive.  I do like Texas and the Texas divers do deserve their own dive show so I hope to return in 2020 to a new location.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.  If you would like the forms in Microsoft Word, just write me and I will send them to you.

Jim Gentile
World of Water/Our World-Underwater
TX:  630.209.2445
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