8th International Shipwreck Festival

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On February 9th, 2019, in the morning hours, the 8th International Shipwreck Festival begins at the University of Warsaw. As usual, the organisers have prepared a marathon of very interesting presentations – this time there will be 29 of them! The presenters comprise of the best wreck divers in the world, deep ocean explorers, historians, and archaeologists.

Saturday, 9 February, 2019 (All day)
Warsaw, Poland

As part of the festival program, as in the previous years, the organisers have also prepared a few ceremonious book premieres.

The online sale of tickets will last through February 3rd, 2019. The price of a single ticket remains unchanged – PLN 100. However, if there are free seats remaining, tickets can be bought the day of the festival for cash only at the price of PLN 140.

After the marathon of festival presentations, there is a festive banquet that will take place in the historic buildings of the University of Warsaw. During the banquet, exquisite dishes and alcoholic beverages will be served. The organizers have prepared a unique program.

It is enough to mention that David Mearns, the discoverer of the famous line cruiser HMS „Hood”, will tell you how the ship’s bell was found and recovered, which can be admired in Portsmouth.

In turn, Richie Kohler, the hero of the best-selling book „Shadow Divers”, will take us on a unique journey in time; with humor, he will talk about his unusually colorful 40-year career as a wreck diver. The festival speakers will also share their exploration plans for the near future.

During the banquet there will be a raffle for a a dry suit from OTTER, who is also on the sponsors of the event. Tickets for the banquet are only available for purchase online for PLN 200.

For festival guests who would like to spend the night in Warsaw, the Ibis Stare Miasto hotel has prepared a special offer. More information and the link to the hotel below.

See you soon at the Festival in Warsaw! This cannot be overlooked!!! On this one special day, scuba divers and wreck divers have their very own holiday!

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