The Dispute Between the Kabaddi Team and Kabaddi Union


Just like all the games and sport many a time some odds news comes keep coming in the kabaddi sports also. Recently, the Indian kabaddi team has joined the battle for playing in Pakistan in the circle Style World cup. The sports minister ordered us to investigate this matter for what purpose we don't know, however, the promoter of the world cup said that there was no need to take permission for playing in any formal sport. After losing the game, the Indian team came back to the country.

The whole team was also blamed for going and joining that tournament without any permission from the authorities and this made really the whole environment upset for some time. The whole team and the team management have also been asked by the international kabaddi union why they went there without permission and joined the league illegally. They also asked why the team returned from the Attari -Wagah Border rather than coming from the flight. 

On this matter, the promoter of the tournament, Deelip Singh Bajwa has favored the team and the other on this matter and said there was no need to ask any permission from anyone regarding this as this was just any normal unofficial match and personal invitation. Going there was not illegal in any manner. He further said that there are five independent kabaddi unions in India. All they went to Pakistan for their personal invitation   There is nothing wrong with this. However, the sports minister was not satisfied with his arguments and ordered an investigation into this matter.

They also said that it was not our official ten who went there and played.  It's not legal that some others would go there and play on behalf of the Indian kabaddi team. It is totally not acceptable. The national kabaddi union further said that they will ask to employ one investigation into this matter. This is not allowed that someone or some team would go to some country to play on behalf of us without our permission. However, the sports minister said that if someone or some group of people went there on inviting them personally, we can't do anything in this matter.

Now you must be thinking what this circle kabaddi is due to which the whole problem was created. So, the circle kabaddi is the game similar to the kabaddi, however, there is much difference between kabaddi and circle kabaddi. In circle kabaddi, all the players play in one circular field while there is no such field in kabaddi. The kabaddi is approved by the international set but the circle game is not approved by the international kabaddi federation. In kabaddi, there are just eight players in the game, however, there is no such limitation of the players in kabaddi. In kabaddi, there are 7 players whose weight should be below 70, however, there is no such restriction in the former kabaddi. Let's hope the dispute will be resolved soon without affecting the kabaddi team in any manner.