Tips for completing Unmechanical. Walkthrough # 009

The passage will be unlocked. Fly inside. Pull the piston - the two pistons above you will change position. Return to the main room and press the red button again. This will open a passage through the channel at the top between the two pistons.

In the next room, use the piston, thus opening the hatch. Fly inside the canal and keep moving forward.

You should be in a room with a large wheel in the center. There are luminous spheres around. Switch to the other side, to the lever at the top. Unfortunately, at the moment when you try to switch it, an alarm is triggered that reports a malfunction.

The emergency exit will open below. Use it to get to the tunnel leading to the next room.

Inside you will find three large plugs. Pull them out with the tractor beam. As soon as you finish the action, everything will begin to fall apart. A janitor will appear. He will save you, but in the end one of the pipes will suck you.

You will fall into the water, but after a moment you will regain control of the main character. Take off quickly. Wait until the hatch opens and fly into the tunnel. You should see the outside world for a moment - this is proof that you are closer and closer to the exit.

You will reach a place with massive quad gates. Fly down, and then turn left, passing by a large boiler. In a small room you will find a battery. Take it with you and go right.

You must get to the place where the failure occurred, but this time from the other side of the gate. You must replace the used battery with the one you just found. First remove the metal plates that block access to the battery. They pull out the used battery and replace it with a new one. Remember - put the green battery inside. The gates should open now.
Now is the time for the last step leading to the end of the game. It depends on which game you choose, it is up to you. A more detailed description can be found in the next chapter.

There are two finals in the game, but there is no problem seeing both of them, because after the game is over you can choose Continue and the last saved game will be loaded (until the final decision is made).

When the gate is open, fly back into the emergency shaft. You will be taken to a damaged room.

You will find there a killed janitor. Grab it with a tractor beam and take it with you.

Fly with the janitor into a large cauldron and throw it inside. A green color should appear. As soon as you use the piston, the cabin closes and the game ends. After credits you will fly like a janitor. Congratulations, you saved the robot!

As before, when the gate is open, fly inside the emergency shaft, leading to a damaged room with a dead janitor.

Take it and come back, but this time instead of throwing it into the cauldron, take off and throw it on the plate. When you pull the piston, a camera will appear. He will scan the janitor and open the massive gate.

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