Tips for completing the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Allies # 004


Convert 25 health to 25 mana per second. This spell can only be obtained by finding the volume of the spell in a location called the Labyrinth Abyss (5; 06), and it is best to achieve this by completing the quest "Staff of Magnus from the College of Winterhold." Remember to not convert too many health points at once, otherwise you are on the verge of death.


Upgrading the main character's armor rating by 40 points. The spell lasts 60 seconds.


Creating and leaving a ball of light in a specific place. This is a pretty useless spell. It's much better to use the Candlelight spell because you want the light to accompany you everywhere.


Increasing the rating of the main character's armor by 60 points. The spell lasts 60 seconds.

28. Jordis Sword Virgo

Jordin is automatically appointed as your servant after being called the Loneliness Dance (completing the Jarl quest, completing at least five additional tasks for civilians living in Solitude, buying a home in Solitude).

29. Kharjo

Harjo travels with one of the hajjite caravans, and you can ask him to join you after completing the mini-quest.

30. Forehead

You can ask Lob to join you after completing the Cursed Tribe quest.

31. Lydia

Lydia is automatically appointed by your servant as soon as you are called Than Vaitrana. This happens automatically at the end of the main Dragon Rising quest.

37. Onmund

Ondmund is a mage living at Winterhold College, and you can ask him to join you after completing his personal quest - Omund's Request.

41. Homeless dog

You can meet a stray dog ​​while exploring Skyrim. Start a “conversation” with the dog so that she joins your team.

42. Sven

You can ask Sven to join you after completing his mini-quest.

44. Ugor

You can ask Ugor to join you after completing the Cursed Tribe quest.

45. Utgerd Continuous

You can ask Utgird to join you after completing her mini-quest. She usually stays in a hotel, but you can also find her in other areas of Whiterun.

46. ​​Vilkas

Vilkas is a member of the Companions, and you can ask him to join you after completing all the basic tasks of the guild of warriors.

47. Vorstag

Forstag is a mercenary, and you can hire him by paying 500 gold coins for his services. In our chat you can meet girls, invite them to a private room and chat watch live cam porn collected private records with a rating of 18+, often among them there are online broadcasts of private chats, where the girls communicate with the audience. Try to chat live with one of the many available girls online. You will get unforgettable moments of acquaintance and pleasant conversation.