Hitman: Blood Money Tips - Mission: Death in Mississippi

This time you will have a lot to do - you have to kill the captain of the ship and six members of a particular gang. In addition, you need to get some photos. Then let's get to work.

Hide between the drawers on the right (when viewed from the starting position) and wait for the sailor to approach. Calm him and hide his body somewhere here. Open the lock on the engine room door and find your first target on the map. Wait until he inspects the mechanism above the railing and pushes him into it.

Find the stairs around the stern and get to the 4th deck. Along the way, you will see another gang member, but you cannot secretly kill him right now. You will find yourself in a restaurant. Go to the next room and leave the weapon in the toilet. Continue to get to the bar. Before you can continue, one of the guards will scan you for weapons. Go ahead and in the room you will find the waiter uniform.

Another gangster roaming the stern. It is easy to deal with him, since he is alone and next to the railing. Just use your fiber wire and get rid of the body by throwing it into the river. Go to the kitchen (3) and grab the cake. Go to his toilet and throw yourself on the floor, then inject poison into it. Climb the stairs to reach the upper deck and let another sailor examine you. Enter the captain’s cabin and leave the cake on the table.

When you see that the captain fell dead due to poison, return to his room and enter the bedroom. There is a safe there, remove the photos from it.

Casinos in Las Vegas. You must eliminate three goals. Despite the great security, this level is pretty simple if you know what you are doing.

Enter the building, into the main hall and call the left elevator. Climb into the hatch and wait for your first victim to enter. When a person is inside, use a fiber wire to choke him. Take his key card and take his suitcase. Return to the first floor and go to the second elevator.

Wait until Hendrick Schmutz, your second target, enters the elevator and repeat the whole process. Wear his clothes and take his key card. Leave also the “Payment Portfolio” and your weapon here - you will return to everything when you exit the level.

Go to the 7th floor and enter room 707 to get a DNA briefcase. Now on the 8th floor, where you must enter room 803. To distract the guards, turn off the fire alarm (screenshot above). Once you are inside, use the phone from the table, and your final goal will leave the casino area and make it easy to kill yourself. business loan services reviews, business loan store, business loan statistics, business loan solutions, business loan specialist, business loan terms, business loan to buy a business, business loan to start a business, business loan template, business loan tax deduction, business loan types, business loan to buy property, business loan term length, business loan td bank, business loan today, business loan using ein, business loan underwriting, business loan usaa, business loan uk, business loan us bank, GET THE BUSINESS FUNDING YOU NEED. BUY UNLIMITED MONEY TRANSFER FROM RUSSIAN HACKERS. INSTANT MONEY TRANSFER TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. OVER $10 MILLION business loan underwriting process, business loan unsecured,