Assassin's Creed: Unity Tips - Basic # 11

Memory 2: meeting with Mirabeu

Additional goals:

Avoid 5 obstacles
Use elevator

Go to the Mirabeu residence to meet him and Elisa. When you begin the mission, enter the building and climb the stairs to the upper floor and above, to Mirabeu's room.

When you get into Germain's room, three enemies will attack you - this is a simple battle, defeat them quickly. After the next scene, you will enter another room, and snipers will begin to attack you. Standing at the window, remove them all with the arrows or spectral blades. Snipers are in opposite windows and on the roof.

Turn on the eagle's eyes after the screensaver. Examine all selected items - a bed, a wardrobe, a scarf by the bed, a door and a book on the table. Hold on to blame Eliza. You can do this, but you can see that someone wants to set up a girl. Go to the headquarters of the assassins to talk with one of the masters.

After talking with the killer, you will be referred to a pharmacist. Go to him, following the green icon on the screen. When you get to the pharmacy, a chase will begin - you must catch up with the pharmacist. It leaves in a random direction after exiting the tunnel. When you catch up with him, the cutscene will begin, and the mission will end.

Memory 3: Confrontation

Additional goals:

Complete 5 amazing attacks.
Do not fall

Go to the mission starting point near the church. You will meet with Eliza. After the splash screen, turn on the eagle's eyes to see the trail.

Follow the yellow trail. Following this path, you will reach the facade of the cathedral. The scene will begin. After that, you need to climb the roof to get to the place marked with the mission goal icon. When you get to the appointed point, you will find the killer - this is Bellek. You must fight him, interrupting role-playing games several times.

In the end, you will get through the window to the cathedral. When you get up, go straight to start the next scene, and the battle continues. Bellec will carry out the same attacks all the time, not a big problem.

After the battle, go to Belleck and kill him. Watch the video and the memory will end.

Server Bridge: Resistance Movement

This is the second and last, at least obligatory, visit to a different historical period. After filling in the previous memory, you must start the portal and go through it. You will find yourself in a sewer in Paris since World War II.

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