Malta Gaming Authority & UK Gambling Commission suspend Stakers license

On March 5, 2020, the UK Gaming Authority temporarily suspended Stakers' license. The Maltese regulator followed suit on March 9, 2020. So far, unfortunately, not much is known about the temporary suspension of the two licenses.

Stakers has recently become known on GambleJoe mainly through various spam campaigns. Several threads, comments, or posts with good ratings on Stakers have been written. The company had promised free spins and other bonuses to advertisers for such advertising. We had to remove these posts and issue partial warnings.

We already knew that Stakers used rather dubious advertising media. Meanwhile, the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority already have indications that the money laundering regulations are not being observed. For this reason, the MGA and the UK GC have removed the gaming licenses with immediate effect.

The UK Gambling Commission immediately suspended the license

The UK GC had evidence in March 2019 that "a number of compliance issues" have occurred. It was believed that the gambling operator "was not suitable to continue the licensed activities". The license was then withdrawn with immediate effect and more detailed investigations were initiated against the company. From then on, Stakers was no longer allowed to offer gaming products in the UK.

Usually, gambling operators try to get rid of the problems with the UK Gambling Commission immediately. In addition, you pay the fine for the misconduct. Stakers took a different approach in the period after the gambling license was suspended. On March 6th a pop-up was shown, which was supposed to mock the UK GC. A petition from was linked, there was also a cryptic "MOST WANTED" request for "Humpty Dumpty and Pinocchio", they were searched for by Mr. Boo and Mr. Kie. Anyone who saw something should report to them in the chat.

MGA has also suspended gambling license

The Malta Gaming Authority has been informed by the UK Gaming Authority of the steps against Stakers. As a result, the company was also revoked from the Maltese gaming license. With immediate effect, Stakers is no longer allowed to play, register new players or collect customer payments. However, the company must pay out all the players' balances.

Since Stakers only owns the British and Maltese gaming license, gaming operations across Europe should actually be stopped. So far this has not been the case. There is no notice on the page when logging in from Germany, nor has the registration form been deactivated. Stakers therefore seems to want to abide by the instructions of the MGA.