How to make love spells at home

I, spellcaster Maxim, will tell you about two simple ways how to make love spells to get good results fast. One of the spells is called “A spell on your phone screen” and the other one is “A love spell on salt”.

How to make love spells safely

Before I tell you the details of how to make a love spell, I, as an experienced and powerful spellcaster, should warn you that such spells should be cast only by people who love and don’t expect anything but love in return. They are also cast on new moon days because any other time doesn’t work for love magic.
Some of the first signs SpellsHelp of an improperly cast love spell are anxiety and fear. Some people experience panic attacks, too. However you should remember that magic is dangerous also because fear can come later, after the ritual has been completed. When this fear comes, you’ll realize you’ve stepped into the world you don’t belong in.
However, the internal cry “What have I done?” won’t help at this point. The improperly performed ritual or love spell put on someone you shouldn’t put spells on, has already started to impact your life negatively.
I, spellcaster Maxim, have said many times on my website that home magic is extremely dangerous. I won’t repeat myself. Moreover, I will stop asking you to avoid home magic and always opt for professional magic services. I know that many readers just ignore my words. So I can only tell you this:
- You can change your mind any time and reach out to me;
- If you do, I promise to help you with my professional magic services;
- If you still want to do magic by yourself, do it on new moon days;
- Start your rituals 2-3 hours before midnight;
- Take a shower after the ritual has been completed;
- Close the window before you go to bed and leave the lights on, at least in the hall;
- Remember that when you decide to do magic, you take risks;
- Both rituals described in this article are able to cause minimum harm.

How to make a love spell on your phone screen

In the evening go to your room, close the door, and ask your family members who live with you to not bother you and especially to not come in. If they come in the middle of your ritual, the spell will be broken. So the best way is to perform the ritual when you’re home alone.
Speaking of how to make love spells, I suggest that you power off all electrical devices and turn off the light. Then light a candle and put it on the table. Now (prepare it in advance) put your photo in front of yourself. Use a recent picture taken not more than 2 weeks ago. Make sure you knew the target in person at the time the picture was taken. If the picture was taken before you were introduced to each other, it can’t be used in the ritual.
Put a ball of red thread near your right hand and a new pair of scissors near your left hand. Take the scissors out of the box right before the ritual. Don’t use old scissors as they will damage the energy of the spell.
Getting back to how to make a love spell, now turn on your phone and open a picture of the target. With your eyes on the picture, say how much you love the target and how much you want to be together. You can put it anyway you want but then you need to repeat it word by word two more times. Now press your picture to the screen (face down). Now wind the red thread around it. Make 27 loops. Cut the thread off and put the phone on the table.
Now wait. If the spell’s been cast successfully, the target will call you within a couple of hours. When it happens, cut the threads, remove your picture, and pick up the phone. Your relationship has begun and now it’s up to you to make it strong and happy.

How to make love spell. Casting a spell on salt

I’d like to share another recipe how to make love spell. For this spell you need to prepare special magic salt. Bring some pure water from a spring. Pour it into a glass jar. Add 7 tablespoons of salt and mix until fully dissolved.
Now set up a small altar. Put four candles in the corners of a wooden plank 60x60 cm and light them. Let them burn all the way down. Now put four new candles in the warm wax but don’t light them up. Put a picture by each candle. The pictures should be facing the center of the altar. Put the jar with the salt in the middle and put two pictures under it – your picture and a picture of the person who you’re studying how to make love spell for. The pictures should face each other creating what looks like a “sandwich”. Note that whoever’s picture is on top is going to be the leader in your relationship, while the other is going to be the follower.
Now light the candles every evening for 7 days in a row and ask Higher Powers to help you win the love of the target saying the target’s name aloud.
On the eighth day you’ll find some salt crystals on the bottom of the jar. Carefully pour the water out, collect the crystals, and dry them up on a paper napkin. Divide the crystals into three parts and add into three meals served to the target. If you do everything right and really love the target, the target will eventually love you back. Otherwise, don’t try to do magic at home again.
Instead, contact me, spellcaster Maxim. I’ll cast a powerful love spell for you delivering the best results possible and my spell will stay effective for up to several years.