Two faces of January (2014). Review

Marcel Ziskind’s excellent camera work and the excellence of the film’s picture are already visible in “Two Faces of January” trailer in Russian. The dazzling white Parthenon, the creamy sand of the beaches, the snow-white costumes of the heroes captivates the viewer, and create a feeling of ideal, purity and sophistication. Elegant and respectable Chester McFarlen brings his young wife Colette to rest in Athens. Their relationship is tender and filled with love, and pastimes are refined and blissful. But they get to know the young American Rydal, who works as a GUIDE in Greece. Here the story of the love triangle could be developed, but the director and screenwriter Hussein Amini had little simple aggravation of feelings. He introduces detective conflicts into the story that will make the life of the film's characters more intense, that is, not only the emotional side of a person will be revealed, but also his soul as a whole. <br />
Thus, the director had enough material for the sight and analysis, but, unfortunately, the story sometimes hangs or slows down. Although the viewer does not suffer from this - the action lacunae are more than supported by a wonderful picture, views and music. The film “Two Faces of January” has a very tense and enveloping atmosphere. The director chose the noir style for work. The love relationships of the characters develop against the backdrop of an escape. Criminals are hiding from legal retaliation, but relations between them are developing in parallel. Perhaps feelings are even exacerbated by situations of danger. The denouement of the film is unexpected, although then the viewer will understand that it is quite natural. You can watch the movie “Two Faces of January” online right now and plunge into the luxury of summer Greece, as well as witness a tense love drama. <br /> Looking to buy the best robotic pool cleaners on the market for your swimming pool? Considering the overabundant varieties and possibilities available on the market, we know it’s not an easy decision.