Miracles out of the blue or an almost detective New Year story!

It was on the very eve of the new year - on the evening of December 31, on the Nizhny Novgorod - Moscow section of the highway. Svetlana (that was the name of the heroine of our story) rushed at full speed to the “white stone” for the New Year's Eve. Of course, it wasn’t for the young and interesting auto-lady to be at such a late hour on the “big” snowy road, but it happened so! On the very last day of the outgoing year, the boss (bastard!) Decided to calculate the annual statistics and puzzled the whole team, who was set to rest, with this extremely important (for him, boss) question. As a result, when almost all the women of the country were sitting and conjuring over snacks or slicing salads, Sveta was just leaving the borders of her native city.

There were few such belated riders on the track and with God's help, Svetlana was quite in time for the New Year's friendly party. Some interference was caused only by wet snow, flying in large flakes towards a moving car. To Moscow there was no more than 115 km, when on a deserted highway it was stopped by a "cheerful traffic cop". Rather, the traffic police inspector was completely unhappy - unless a round idiot could have been cheerful at a work post at such a time! Generosity and sincere joy came from Grandfather Frost, who was standing next to a representative of power!

"Girl! Are you listening to the radio? ” - Smiling, asked a satisfied grandfather. "The radio ... is holding an action ... the lucky one gets ... ... I need documents proving my identity ...", the "grandfather" quickly chattered "learned tongue twister" in advance. Modern residents of megacities are already used to holding New Year’s actions, so Sveta obediently reached for the glove compartment for the rights lying there. But to her amazement, the right rectangular piece of plastic was not there! There was also no passport and wallet with a decent amount of money. The girl's hands trembled. From somewhere inside, an incomprehensible agility began to rise, implicated in anxiety. With non-obedient fingers, Svetlana reached into the back pocket of her jeans (she considered it inappropriate to dress in advance several hours before the party) and pulled out a mobile phone. Fortunately, my mother was at home and quickly picked up the phone.

- Mom, did I accidentally leave documents with money in the hallway? - asked the question of Light.

- What are you? You put them in my glove compartment with me? - Mom was surprised, - Svetlana, what happened, are you all right? - Mom was already starting to worry ...

“Yes, mother, everything is fine,” her girl hastened to reassure, “I just forgot where to put it, thanks for reminding me!” Once again with the upcoming! - Svetlana hung up.

- Any problems? - the policeman asked.

“It seems like they robbed me!” But only when and who? - Sveta was perplexed, - I did not stop anywhere, for a second I just jumped out to buy water in a mini-cafe and that's it!

- We'll figure it out! - unexpectedly, instead of the inspector, the joyful "grandfather" answered, - let us pass through the power of the New Year to me, citizen, into the car!

Svetlana proceeded to a patrol car parked on the side of the road. Where, then, for another fifteen minutes, she explained to an extremely incomprehensible traffic cop how it so happened that she was "disempowered" who controls a means of increased danger and cannot intelligently explain where her rights are fabulously stored up. Their lingering, unpromising monologue was interrupted by the still cheerful Santa Claus: “A girl, or maybe you just looked badly - I never hint at your eyesight, it just happens!”

Five minutes later, with “prizes from the company”: a bottle of gift champagne and a canister of “Lukoil” oil, for some reason, the bandaged scarlet ribbon, the excited Svetlana continued on her way.

She drove no more than five kilometers when she noticed an upturned truck ahead, and next to that mountain of twisted multi-colored metal, which was apparently quite decent cars (judging by the surviving logos). It did not seem possible to go further, it only remained to wait when the multi-tonnage was towed to the side and Auto-Lady decided to come closer to the scene of the accident. At the scene, traffic police officers fussed with might and main. In one of them she recognized the slow-witted partner of the “fairy-tale grandfather”.

“Thank you for being detained for such a long time,” said the grateful Svetlana to the “lord of the roads,” “you, along with Santa Claus, you can say you saved my life.

- Woman, what kind of Santa Claus? Did you think of jokes? Only now you have chosen the wrong moment! We have seen enough of this here for the last twenty minutes! - and the inspector swore evilly.

“Twenty minutes ...”, Sveta thought to herself and was numb from a nervous cold. Sitting in the car, she tried all the time to go through the plot of last evening, but the logical chain always broke off somewhere, and ridiculous bewilderment replaced her: here is champagne, here is a canister with a bow, presented by a caring Santa Claus! But there is no grandfather himself, but the traffic cop does not remember her point-blank, and he cannot remember, in fact, he was in an accident.

Despite the holiday, the road was cleared very quickly - after all, a highway of federal significance. Svetlana managed to meet the new year. Friends did not believe in the New Year’s story she told - it sounded too incredibly. And now, after several years of Light, she herself does not know: was it true or not, only how can one explain the materialized champagne from? We are proud to announce that now you are able to consider purchase models of a new LED-mirror collection from a very popular brand – Lexora. Alternatives vary in sizes from 24 up to 60 inches, which means that you are able to choose a suitable alternative for any kind of bathroom. Top rated model is Lexora Lesina LED Medicine Cabinet It is available in New Bathroom Style - Bathroom Vanity Store in Brooklyn, New York.