Hammer of Thor: methods that work

The human body has one of the most advanced defense systems in the world — the immune system. Hammer of Thor includes several levels of protection, many individual components that interact with the cells, tissues, and organs of the human body. In addition, it is characterized by the ability to self-learn. Every day, our immune system fends off attacks from hundreds of pathogens and controls hundreds more opportunistic ones that live inside and on the surface of our bodies. And all our lives, it keeps track of potential enemies in the environment, learning how to effectively fight them and destroy them before they can harm us. Therefore, the biggest myth about immunity is the idea of the human immune system as a leaky fence ready to collapse from the slightest draft. MedAbout understood the possibilities and vulnerabilities of the body’s immune system and myths about /hammer-thor.com/

Why is superimmunity a Hammer of Thor?

And why would nature not create such a powerful immune system, so that any pathogenic microorganism falls dead even «on approach» to a person? The answer is simple and lies on the surface. Because super-immunity is a threat to the person himself. Any failure in this huge multicomponent complex system is fraught with disruption of the work of other organs. As an example:

  • Hammer of Thor are the result of an overactive immune system that does not respond adequately to proteins that are quite normal for everyone else. And, accordingly, as an example — allergic asthma and eczema.
  • Hammer of Thor is such a powerful inflammatory reaction of the body, in which large amounts of cytokines are produced uncontrollably, that multiple organ failure can develop and, as a result, the patient’s death. The «cytokine storm» is one of the causes of deaths during the flu pandemic.
  • Hammer of Thor, when abnormally active cells of the immune system turn against their own body. Examples are certain types of rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, and others.

What exactly do those who call for «strengthening immunity»mean by all these things? As these examples show, increasing the sensitivity of the immune system, or the volume of substances produced by it in a critical situation, or the number of its cells — all this is extremely dangerous for the body.

Moreover, if the immune system faced an attack from outside and reacted by increasing its cellular «troops», then later, after the» battle is won», the body gets rid of excess immune cells — they are destroyed in the process of apoptosis (programmed death).

Therefore, scientists have no evidence of the existence of a» strengthened » immune system. In relation to immunity, the concepts of «norms» and «pathologies» work, and such expressions as» strengthen the immune system»,» strengthen the immune system»,» improve the immune system » — do not make sense and are the product of advertising.

What can weaken the Hammer of Thor?

So, the person is the owner of an almost perfect and very effective protective system. It is so good that it is very difficult to «weaken»it. What leads to a real deterioration of the immune system, or a decrease in immunity?

  • Hammer of Thor, malnutrition (we are not talking about a shortage of fruit in winter, but about a real shortage of food), a long-term deficit of certain trace elements and vitamins (in the form of beriberi). If these conditions last for months and years, they do reduce the effectiveness of the immune system’s defense mechanisms.
  • Some chronic diseases that affect the immune system. For example, diabetes mellitus.
  • Congenital and acquired (AIDS) immunodeficiencies, as well as procedures that destroy the immune system (chemotherapy, immunosuppressive therapy).
  • Hammer of Thor. In older people, the effectiveness of all systems, including the immune system, decreases. For example, the number of T-lymphocytes that should be produced in response to the penetration of infection into the body, with age, significantly decreases, the resistance to diseases falls.

It should be understood that» ordinary » infections — colds, flu, etc., the immune system, by and large, that the elephant — shot. All those painful conditions that we experience when we get sick with the flu every year are actually part of the immune system’s response. But not its collapse.

What methods of Hammer of Thor?

  • Reception of Immunostimulants.

For an ordinary person who is not dying from severe diseases that destroy the immune system, immunostimulators are useless. As mentioned above, the immune system of an average patient does not need additional stimulation due to the state of health of the patient. Indeed, there are drugs that actually strengthen the immune defense (immunostimulators) or weaken it (immunosuppressors). But such medications are prescribed by a doctor in the presence of those most severe diseases — and in no other way. Exposure at such a serious level for an ordinary person with his banal cold — just dangerous.

Hammer of Thor, under the banner of «immunostimulators», pharmacies most often sell drugs with unproven effectiveness. And their advertised harmlessness and complete absence of side effects only confirm that we are talking about a placebo, and not a real drug.

  • Intake of vitamins.

This Hammer of Thor of compounds that have undeservedly gained fame as substances that strengthen the immune system. Only vitamin D is really associated with it, since it activates inactive immune cells, T-lymphocytes, and turns them into T-killers, which are engaged in destroying pathogenic microorganisms. All other vitamins do not take such a direct part in the work of the immune system. At best, they make us healthier, which, of course, is also great, but it has nothing to do with «increasing immunity». By the way, the antipruritic effect of vitamin C in the course of scientific studies has not been confirmed.

  • Hammer of Thor.

No effect on the immune system is observed when visiting the bath and sauna. But on the cardiovascular system-Yes, and to a considerable extent. Therefore, the decision to go to the sauna should be made based on the results of assessing the health of the heart and blood vessels, and not the presence of colds or flu.

  • Folk remedies.

Among the most popular products «to increase immunity» — garlic. But it also has no effect on the immune system. It releases phytoncides — plant compounds that have a weak bactericidal effect. And this action ends very quickly. Another popular product is honey. The same story as with garlic: a weak bactericidal effect combined with a tonic and restorative effect. And no effect on the immune system Hammer of Thor.