January 2012

Close-Up & Macro

Close-up or macro photography is a specialized form of underwater photography where the camera lens is positioned very close to a subject, or is able to zoom into the subject, to record a relatively large image in high magnification of the original subject.

HMS Olympus taking in supplies in Manoel Creek, Grand Harbour, Malta, December 1941

WW2 Submarine found off Malta identified

Although a team of divers from the United Kingdom and Malta had claimed discovery of the wreck in 2008, its identity was not confirmed until a team from the Aurora Trust was able to re-locate the wreck in 2011

Malta authorities gave the trust permission to announce the confirmation on 10 January 2012. The Olympus is the best preserved World War II relic that the trust has found.

The scat (Scatophagus argus) one of many invasive species in the Mediterranean.
The scat (Scatophagus argus) one of many invasive species in the Mediterranean.

Alien fish spreads around Malta

Since there are no reports of this species occurring in the wild in the Mediterranean, it does not seem likely that the fish arrived in Malta from elsewhere in the Mediterranean through dispersal or introduction from an established population. Its native range is the Indian Ocean and the tropical to warm temperate Pacific.

Interviews with fish mongers and fishermen showed that this fish is caught occasionally in small numbers in trammel nets from shallows on seagrass meadows in the southeast of Malta and that it has been present since at least 2007.