November 2010

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Illustration by Lorenz Magalotti from 1674 Skärgårdsfartyg (archipelago-vessel) with sewn planks

A sensational wreck found in the center of Stockholm

An excavator was working the expansion of Strömkajen below the Grand Hotel when the operator realized that he had some artiefacts in the bucket. Marine archaeologists from the Maritime Museum which were called in were thrilled to discover that it was something so unusual as part of a ship with sewn planking.

This discovery is extremely interesting in view of the discovery site. Here at Blasieholmen, until well into the 1600s, were long navy shipyard and it was actually here that the Vasa was built,

Kendahl Jan Jubb Portfolio

American watercolorist, Kendahl Jan Jubb, creates brilliant, colorful works of underwater life. Originally from southern California, she was raised in the Mid-West and studied at an early age with noted St. Louis impressionist, Victor Harles. After a move to Montana in 1978 to study forestry, she changed her focus to art in her first year at the University of Montana.

The fossil shrimp from Oklahoma and a recent shrimp
The fossil shrimp from Oklahoma and a recent shrimp

360 million-year-old shrimp

“The oldest known shrimp prior to this discovery came from Madagascar,” Feldmann said. “This one is way younger, having an age of ‘only’ 245 million years, making the shrimp from Oklahoma 125 million years older.”

The discovery is also one of the two oldest decapods (‘ten footed’) to which shrimp, crabs and lobsters belong. The other decapod, Palaeopalaemon newberryi, is of similar age and was found in Ohio and Iowa. “The shrimp from Oklahoma might, thus, be the oldest decapod on earth,” Feldmann explained.

A Grumman F6F-5N Hellcat night fighter

World War II fighter plane salvaged from Lake Michigan

Walter Elcock, now 89 and living in Georgia, recalls the landing and how he managed to snag a wire on the carrier with the plane's tailhook and hung from it a few seconds before the wire broke.

"I went straight underwater," Elcock recalled. He unbuckled and kicked for the surface, maybe 10 feet away, thinking that he wouldn't be able to stay afloat wearing all of his heavy flight gear. Fortunately almost immediately, a Coast Guard ship pulled him out.