August 2010

Ancient Shipwrecks Found Off Central Italy’s Coast

Annalisa Zarattini, an underwater archaeologist with Italy’s culture ministry, says the deeper a wreck is found, the higher the chance that it is better preserved. These, she adds, are in such good condition after so many centuries because they have not been disturbed by fishermen or illegal archaeology hunters. The ships cargoes were found completely intact. In their wealth of amphorae, the vessels carried goods from North Africa, Italy and Spain. These included wine, olive oil, fruit and garum, a pungent fish sauce used in Roman cooking.
Dr Alex Ford with live shrimp specimens

Antidepressants make shrimps change behaviour

Research into the behaviour of shrimps exposed to the antidepressant fluoxetine, showed that their behaviour is dramatically affected. The shrimps are five times more likely to swim toward the light instead of away from it – making them more likely to be eaten by fish or birds, which could have devastating effects on the shrimp population.