October 2009

Atlantic bluefin tuna is mainly caught from countries around the Mediterranean Sea.
Atlantic bluefin tuna is mainly caught from countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

Bluefin tuna trade ban is backed by science

Scientists estimate that the current spawning biomass is less than 15 per cent of what it once was before fishing began—meaning Atlantic bluefin tuna meets the criteria for a CITES Appendix I listing

A proposal tabled by Monaco could result in a ban in the international trade of the fish, will be considered during the meeting of the convention's 175 state members in Qatar next year.

However, it is unlikely to enjoy the full support of European Union countries, which in September voted down plans for the ban.

New danger for the turtles on Bali

The cages and slaughterhouses in Tanjung Benoa are now all empty and no more turtles are being traded in public places. While it is still possible to find some animals on the black market but they are now hard to find. The number of killed and traded animals have dropped around 90 percent since the onset of the campaign!

There were reasons to be proud. After an eight year battle against the Turtle mafia we seem to have won the war.

Yet the issue is now rising its ugly head again.

Ralph Hagen

Ralph Hagen can remember the actual moment he started cartooning as if it were yesterday. Hagen says that he was about four when he saw a cartoon pencil sketch hanging on his grandfather’s porch drawn by a second cousin of his, who eventually grew up to become a commercial artist. The drawing was a rendering of Alfred E. Neuman of MAD Magazine, exclaiming, “What, me worry? “

Whale curry

Asian Lunch, which says it sells 1,000-1,500 lunch boxes daily in Tokyo's business districts, will offer the meat once a week, starting Thursday with a South Asian-style keema curry. "I hope many young women will want to have it as it's healthy with high protein and low fat. It's also rich in iron," company spokeswoman Yuka Yamaguchi said. The firm is also hoping to attract young men who have never tasted the meat before, she said, adding that 600 servings had been prepared for its debut at a cost of 650 to 700 yen (6 to 6.5 dollars).

A view of the schooner resting on the bottom of Lake Ontario.

200-year-old schooner found in Lake Ontario

Jim Kennard and Dan Scoville told the Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester, N.Y., that they discovered the ship while conducting a deep sonar survey of Lake Ontario. They used a remote operated vehicle equipped with a camera to take images of the wreck, which is located about 10 miles from Oak Orchard, Orleans County.

The men said they made the discovery in September, but waiting until December to announce the find. They have been unable to find a name for the wreck, but believe it dates to around the time of the War of 1812.