June 2008

Windmiller pocket watch face recovered from The Royal Anne Galley

1721 Cornwall shipwreck to be further studied

The Royal Anne Galley was a fifth-rate galley frigate with an armament of 42 guns was wrecked on the Stags rocks on 10 November 1721 while on voyage to the Barbados. There were only three survivors out of some 200 passengers and crew. The Royal Navy built only six such galleys, and the Royal Anne was described as the finest ever constructed at her launch.

40.000 wrecks in Sweden

There was a strong maritime tradition with thousands of vessels that were lost along the Swedish coastline. Researchers estimate that there are a total of 40,000 known wreck positions in the Baltic Sea. Sweden is in the unique position of not having any woodworm to destroy the wrecks as well as low-salt levels and preservation qualities of the water in the Baltic Sea.

Even the Swedish Tourist organization has recognized this and incorporated info about wreck diving in the country.