Dive Rite

Dive Rite CX1 Light

The CX1 is a powerful, compact, handheld dive light that is great for the travelling diver, and a good backup for tech divers.

We didn't want to manufacturer a 'so so' light. We put time and effort into making a standard torch a better, brighter light. Jared Hires

Lamar Hires

Lamar Hires in a Florida cave. Photo by Jill Heinerth.

In 1979, Lamar Hires was 23, living in Jacksonville, on the east coast of the US state of Florida, and harboring a dream from his childhood. As a child, his family had taken him to the Florida Keys and he had subsequently grown up watching television shows such as Sea Hunt, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Flipper. The adventure of scuba excited him and he wanted to learn to dive.